There is a large number of studies and research on hot things but few of them pay attention to lesbian, bisexual, queer or otherwise-identified women-who-have-sex-with-women. With
the greatest Lesbian Intercourse Survey (For Lady Types Just Who Sleep With Lady Kinds)
, you want to alter that.

It’s a multipage review meant to uncover what kind of sex you are having, how many times you’re having it, what you are performing in-and-out of sleep alone along with associates and much more.

It is meant for anyone who seems transgenderdate comfy responding to a study labeled as “the best Lesbian Sex study (For Lady Types which Sleep With Lady kinds).”

For those who have had something that could, during the most common good sense, be called lesbian gender (“lesbian” contained in this context is actually an adjective explaining same-sex task between two ladies, maybe not a noun describing the sexual orientations of two ladies having the intercourse), next we would like to notice from you!

Solution every concern per the heart such that most directly reflects your encounters or maybe just naturally feels correct.*

We’re not attempting to end up being logical, but to attract basic conclusions towards good the non-peer-reviewed Internet-sized skills.**

Discover only so small detailed information out there about queer woman intercourse lives the sole (and also many radical) solution is going straight to the origin, i.e., YOU.

Is actually contemplating orgasms

Gender, sex and the situations we carry out with each other nude are awesome challenging and always-shifting, and often it actually was actually impractical to learn how to get the info we needed with this study while bearing in mind everything we all know about you mention intercourse and identification. We performed our finest, but if the review doesn’t turn out to be your thing — no hassle! Only prevent using it.

We’ll be sharing the results in articles into the following weeks. (We’ll even be making use of them to better tailor our very own sex/relationships/NSFW material from what you really need to know in regards to, because WHY NOT.)

All specific surveys are entirely anonymous and we’re not planning to offer important computer data.

The survey will remain real time for each week, until Sunday, January eighteenth. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

* we realize this thing actually perfect and cannot ask all of the right questions correctly for all. For those who have questions or comments or want to talk about gender time, please mail carolyn [at] autostraddle dot com. We’re flipping feedback down with this article because there is really self-consciousness that gets into just how these concerns tend to be answered already, we fear discussions from inside the comments could more skew what is allowed to be unfiltered private data. Sadly we can’t revise the review once this has been established, but comments will help you with how exactly to interpret the information also to do better on the next occasion! Also if you have a concern that requires a solution that would be useful to all survey-takers, we will just include it with this article.

** Though we performed have it vetted by Danii R. Da Silva, a genderqueer staff member that is an avowed Intercourse and Sexual Health Educator through san francisco bay area gender Information with over five years of specialist knowledge of the field.

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